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Standard: ASTM A475

Galvanized stranded wire is a kind of wire strand which is compacted with many steel wires. Among different steel wire strands, 1*7 galvanized stranded wire and 1*19 galvanized stranded wire are the most common and can be used for various applications.

1. Galvanized stranded wire is a compacted structure with no crack, curve, or shift.
2. It has unique antirust procession on joints.
3. Galvanized stranded wire is made with wires of the same diameter, tensile strength and zinc concentration.

Our galvanized stranded wire are generally applied as messenger wires, guy wires, core wires, earth wires/ground wires, barrier cables, structure cables, etc. It is also used in overhead stay wires, transmission lines, steel cores, etc.

We are a specialized galvanized stranded wire manufacturer based in China. We Offer 1*3,1*7 and 1*9 galvanized stranded wire, 1.6mm, 2.24mm and 3.05mm galvanized stranded wire, 11.11mm prestressed concrete strand wire, and more.

Other Products
  • 11.11mm Prestressed Concrete Strand Wire, PC StrandPrestressed concrete strand wire is used in prestressed concrete construction. It can be used for overpasses, the shell safety of nuclear power stations, television towers, water towers, anchoring the rock, water conservancy and hydropower projects.
  • 15.24mm Prestressed Concrete Strand Wire, PC Strand Technical Parameters of the 15.24 Prestressed Concrete Strand Wire, PC Strand
    Diameter: 9.53mm, 11.11mm, 12.70mm, 15.24mm, 17.8mm and so on
    Standard: ASTM - A416-2005, BS.5896-1980, JIS.G3536-1999, GRT5224-2003...