1.6mm Galvanized Steel Wire

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1.6mm Galvanized Steel Wire

We offer different varieties of galvanized steel wires for binding purposes. With a superior grade of raw materials and advanced technologies, our galvanized steel wire can perform flawlessly and successfully to meet different requirements.

1. It offers a smooth and polished surface, improving the serving life of galvanized steel wire.
2. It is adhesive and flexible.
3. The galvanized steel wire has high breaking strength.
4. It offers superior corrosion resistance.

Our galvanized steel wire can be used as control cables, in transmission poles, for fencing, to produce fruit and vegetable trellises for agricultural needs and for strand conductors.

As a professional 1.6mm galvanized steel wire manufacturer based in China, We also provides 3.05mm, 2.24mm and 4.7mm galvanized steel wire, 12.70mm prestressed concrete strand wire, PC strand, 1*7 galvanized stranded wire, and more.

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