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A Chinese steel wire and stranded wire manufacturer profile for your reference

The company has been a steel wire, stranded wire and PC strand manufacturer in China since 1992.
Some of the specialized products that they manufacture are 0.8mm - 5.18mm galvanized steel wire with superior corrosion resistance; 1*3, 1*7 and 1*19 stranded wire featuring enhanced durability and abrasion resistance; and 9.5mm to 17.80mm prestressed concrete strand wire which offers high tensile strength. The products have found countless applications in many industries. For instance, the galvanized steel wire can be used for binding purposes in agriculture or packing, and also in making springs, cages, wire ropes and wire cloth, for fencing, and stranding into galvanized steel strand. The stranded wire is widely used as messenger wires, guy wires, core wires, ground wires, and barrier cables. The pre-stressed concrete strand wire is suitable for pre-stressed concrete construction, which is widely used in overpasses, nuclear power stations, television towers, water towers, and water conservation and hydropower projects.
With nearly 20 years of production experience, superior steel wire, stranded wire and PC strand products can be provided. Through the use of only qualified raw materials and advanced production and inspection equipment like a wire drawing machine, rewinding machine, galvanizing line and wire twisting machine, the quality, performance and durability of the products can be well ensured. Today, the galvanized steel wire, stranded wire and PC strand are very popular with customers in the United States, Australia, Brazil, Vietnam, Philippines, Nigeria, and many other countries.
Four of the national standards and two industry standards for galvanized steel wire and stranded wire have been established. The company also completed many national key projects, which offered the opportunity to improve technical strength and enrich experience.
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